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MONILE was the first Italian company to create a Platinum Jewelry Collection, with High-end Gemstones, proposing solutions ranging from the most classic lines to the simplest for everyday wear. The success was immediate. Today the quintessential piece of jewelry can only be in platinum, a precious metal the rarest in nature and notoriously more "difficult" to work with.

Over the years, MONILE has developed a production process, called EVERLASTING, capable of giving platinum jewelry a brilliance, hardness, and scratch resistance superior to white gold. Characteristics destined to last over time.



Celebrate your love with the enduring and timeless beauty of platinum. Platinum is the ideal choice for your jewelry.
Platinum, a naturally white metal, will never change color.
White gold is bound to yellow over time so it needs periodic galvanic treatment (rhodium plating) to make it a platinum-like color.
Platinum also safely retains gems and enhances their beauty.
The purity of platinum, which is worked almost to a pure state (950%), makes it naturally hypoallergenic and ideal even for those with sensitive skin.

Characteristics of EVERLASTING Platinum

MONILE's EVERLASTING platinum jewelry is made by means of a new technology that gives it a scratch resistance and brightness intended to last.

Data sheet and comparison table

Excerpts from the test certificate issued by the Polytechnic University of Turin

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